Educational Forums

We offier employers and associations quality financial education programs to help empower their employees/members to enhance their personal finances.

 Why is Financial Education Important?

People nowadays are overloaded with information from different media resources.  Many are confused with all the financial products and offers available.  Instead of planning and taking action, worry and procrastination often set in.  Yet, today's volatile markets emphasize the importance for individuals to have better financial, retirement and protection programs in place.

Our educational forums can help your employees/members to demystify crucial financial concepts and issues, understand the options available and develop realistic roadmaps to help enhance their personal financial situation.

Employers/associations can potentially also benefit in many ways:

  • Provides a valuable and high-visibility service, possibly at no cost
  • Reinforces commitment to employee/member welfare
  • Helps keep morale high and increase retention
  • Encourages participation in company/group plans
  • Helps satisfy ERISA and fiduciary responsibilities

Why choose AXA Advisors?

  •  Our seminars contain a wide variety of topics that help promote responsible money management and proactive planning for the future.  Topics Include:

Educational Funding Retirement Concerns
Financial Management

Long-Term Care Planning

Protection Planning Retirement Strategies

  • You have the opportunity to provide valuable financial education classes without spending a lot of time on implementation.  We will handle the details for you - organization, promotion and follow-up.  Each of  our seminars includes:
    • A top quality, full color educational presentation
    • Workbooks for all attendees
    • Program promotions
    • Evaluation and follow-up
  • We are committed to providing quality state-of-the-art seminars delivered by experienced financial professionals.  Our goal is to give individuals and their families the tools they need to make informed decisions for a more secure financial future.

Contact us today to learn more.